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Dale CraftonJim Meisner

PGA Certified Instructors

Certified PGA Teaching Professionals Dale Crafton and Jim Meisner will break down your swing into specific small elements that will help you improve your golf technique.

Video Analysis

Keep your head down. Lift your chin up. Hold your shoulders straight. Bend your knees. Move your upper body. Stay in position. Don't over-rotate. Don't under-cut. Stiffen your arm. Flex your wrists. Breathe.... And always: follow through!

With these and so many more variables in an effective golf swing, wouldn't you love to see what yours looks like?

Cozy Acres Golf Complex features a state-of-the-art Video Swing Analysis Facility.

The Instructors at Cozy Acres Midwest Golf Academy
can capture digital images and objective data to help golfers
and instructors identify problem areas and find solutions.

This state of the art technology lets you check and analyze alignment, swing plane, head, hip and knee movement, spine angle, track the club head and hands, measure angles, timing, club head speed throughout the swing and much more.

Call today to make an appointment to have your golf swing taped and analyzed by a certified golf instructor. Take advantage of this great teaching tool to better your golf game!

Cost is only $20-$25, depending on instructor. Golf lesson not included.

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